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The Board of Commissioners have implemented a new policy in regards to water theft and meter tampering. The policy is below and can be downloaded under the "Customer Service" tab then selecting "Rules & Regulations." 




These policies will be enforced as of February 5th 2024

According to the South Carolina State Code, it is unlawful for anyone to tamper with or damage a water meter, the meter seal, the lock/locking device, the curb stop or valves, the meter setter, the meter box, or the meter vault. It shall be unlawful for anyone to interfere with or prevent the proper registration of a meter, remove a meter or meter register, or install any pipe or other device that will cause water to be received without being properly registered by the meter.

No trees, bushes, shrubs, fences, structures, or other obstructions shall be located within two feet of the meter box in order to keep the meter accessible to Homeland Park Water. The property owner, and/or customer shall exercise proper care to protect the meter, meter box, and other Homeland Park Water property serving his/her premises from damage or any other cause, and in the event of loss or damage thereto arising from neglect or other cause, shall pay the water theft fees / penalties, the estimated cost of any water received illegally, the costs involved in making an inspection and the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged items before further service will be provided at this location.

The fee / penalty for meter tampering and or water theft for residential customers is

$100.00 for the 1st offense and possible prosecution.

$500.00 for the 2nd offense and potential prosecution.

In the circumstance that there should be a 3rd offense, Homeland Park Water will crimp the service line. The fee / penalty for the 3rd offense and the repair of the crimped line to restore service is $2,000.00 for residential customers in district and $2,300.00 for out of district customers.

This same fees / penalties listed above applies to irrigation meters also.

Commercial Customers will be charged a fee / penalty of $200.00 for the 1st offense and possible prosecution.

$800.00 for the 2nd offense and possible prosecution.

The fee / penalty for a 3rd offense is $2,3000.00 for 1 inch line in district and $2,500.00 for 1 inch line out of district. $2,500.00 for 1-1/2 inch line in district and $2,700.00 for 1-1/2 inch line out of district. For 2 inch lines up to 6 inch lines in district the fee / penalty is $3,000.00 and $3,200.00 for 2 inch up to 6 inch lines out of district. Add $500.00 per inch on lines above 6 inches.

Homeland Park Water and Sewer reserves the right to enforce the fees / penalties above, and to deny service until fees / penalties have been satisfied. Any theft of water and or sewer service will be strictly enforced and reported to Anderson County Sheriff’s Office for further legal action.